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Loving God. Loving People. Making Disciples.

Worship & Arts

One moment in God's Presence can turn a lifetime of hurts, disappointments and mistakes into a miracle of God's Grace and Mercy. Scripture says, "In God's Presence there is fullness of joy, at His right are pleasures evermore." When you walk into WOL Ministry you will encounter the tangible presence of God.
The Word of Life Ministry Worship team is a community of artists, singers, musicians, writers, dancers, and performers who bring their gifts and talents together to magnify Jesus. Collectively their desire is to lead people into the experience of the Life Changing Presence of God.
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Leader of Worship & Arts

Eli Gurley
Eli has been the leader of worship & arts for Word of Life Ministry since March of 2021. He has been playing keyboard with praise & worship teams since he was 11 years old.  He has been a team member & playing keyboard with the WOL Praise Team since 2015.

Along with being the leader of worship & arts at WOL Ministry, Eli is also an avid songwriter, vocalist, & music artist outside of the church.  His future is bright and he is definitely an incredible leader, musician and his love for Jesus is evident in everything he does!

Eli is the oldest of the three sons of pastors Kevin & Amy Gurley.
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In giving your life to Jesus, you discover who God has created you to be. As you give love, devotion, and allegiance to God, you find yourself changing, becoming  and being more like Jesus.

Worship is how we keep our eyes on Jesus. Worship is both public and personal. Worship is more than our Sunday morning gathering, but it is not less than that. We gather for public worship in-person and online on Sundays at 10AM CT. We also hold a weekly communion & prayer service Wednesdays at noon.

On Sunday mornings we make the following Confession of Worship as a way to remind ourselves why we gather.

We come to gather in the name of Jesus Christ.
We come to confess Jesus as Lord.
We come to encounter the sacred mystery of Christ.
We come to remember that we are welcomed into the
community of the found and forgiven.
We come to the table of the Lord with thanksgiving where we
acknowledge our union with God and with one another.
We welcome those who are far off and those who are near.
Let us worship the living God together as one.
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We worship God personally as we:

 + Pray the prayer for the week
 + Read the Scripture for the week