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Loving God. Loving People. Making Disciples.
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Our Confession of Faith

God the Father

He is light and He is always good. He is creator of all

God the Son

He is the expression of the will of God in a human body.  The divine model and pattern of the sons of God in the earth.

God the Holy Spirit

He has never left us. Christ is our life; in us, as us.

Man's need for a Savior

 Jesus came to restore what was lost - humanity's awareness of their Christ-identity and connection with their original purpose in the earth.


His finished work revealed the total redemption and restoration of humanity in body, soul & spirit.

Empowering of Holy Spirit

We believe in the empowering of Holy Spirit and His gifting in order to walk out our Christ-identity in the earth.


He is the resurrection and the life. He was raised to life. Therefore, we are raised to live His life with Him.

The Scriptures

The Bible is the living, breathing word of God and is the greatest love letter ever written.

The Kingdom of God

It is the reign of righteousness, peace & joy in Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is in us, as us. Therefore, the kingdom of God is within humanity.

Our Mission

To extend the kingdom of God in love; reaching nations, building people and growing families.

The Coming King

He has come. He is here. He is coming; receiving the kingdom that is already established in the hearts of humanity.