School of prayer

School of Prayer

Ages: 16 & up
Location: Sanctuary
Serve Day: TBA
Time: TBA

About School of Prayer:
The School of Prayer is an in-person gathering that gives you the opportunity to learn and actively engage in better prayer practices with the prayer liturgy that Pastor Kevin has adapted from various orthodox, protestant, and charismatic sources that incorporates the elements of sacred liturgy of prayer books and the scriptures.  Also included is a time for personal prayers of petition and intercession along with times of silence and contemplation.

In the School of Prayer you will discover that prayer is more about being properly formed in our Christian faith and less about getting God to do what think God should do.

This school of prayer will help you gain a fresh perspective on the purpose of prayer and will provide you with a sustainable framework for personal prayer using the adapted liturgy for Morning Prayer.

You can find the liturgy for Morning Prayer and as well as other liturgies by CLICKING HERE!

January 13th @ 9AM - 1PM CT

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided.

Contact Kevin Gurley // with any questions or for more information.
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